Best Earbuds

There are many expensive pieces of earbuds available all over the market. Bazar Bugs bring you the best at the most affordable and reasonable price. We offer the best sensational sound quality. We make give you the luxurious feel from the wide soundstage that in turn, excellent instrument beats. And you enjoy the punchy bass with sparkly highs.

Earbuds connectivity with your music is just like to add the cherry on the cake. Hurry, to grab you. And double the enjoyment of your playlist. Contact Us for more details and to book your order!

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  • Awei-T5Awei-T5 Quick View
    • Awei-T5Awei-T5 Quick View
    • Awei-T5
    • 4,499
    • Awei–T5 Earbuds price in Pakistan Awei-T5 can be unilateral earphones (can plug either one from both) or you can use both of them as well. These earbuds are charged in the case. Designed in very comfortable and ergonomic (fits the ear shape) structure.
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